Soya Bean Meal

Soya Bean Meal


We at “SUN AGRI EXPORT CO.” provide variety of Soya Bean Meal products including Soya Meal with 46% Protein, Soya Meal with 48% Protein. We are leading supplier & exporter of Soya Bean Meal.


What we do

With proven research capabilities, & quality controls conforming to International Standards & good record of honoring delivery schedules, it’s no wonder that SUN AGRI EXPORT CO. is the preferred partner of choice worldwide for sourcing of Soya Bean Meal. Company maintains everlasting business partnership with our clients through consistent and timely supply of the quality products.

With a firm commitment to the values & spirit of the leading natural based Agro Commodities Company, we continue on our guided journey to become a sustainable, profitable growth company, focused on customer satisfaction so as to be your preferred supply partner.

“SUN AGRI EXPORT CO.” Soya Bean Meal is the by-product of the extraction of soya bean oil. In the solvent extraction process, the soybeans are cracked, heated, flaked & solvent extracts the oil. The extracted flaxes are then dried to eliminate the solvent, toasted & ground.

Soya Bean Meal is the most important source of protein used to feed farm animals. It represents two-thirds of the total world output of protein feedstuffs, including all other major oil meals & fishmeal. Its feeding value is unsurpassed by any other plant protein source and it’s the standard to which other protein sources are compared. While it has been an accepted part of livestock and poultry diets. Soya protein is increasingly found in fish food, both for home aquariums and for the fish farming. Around the world, soya bean meal may found in feed for most of the animals.

Soya Bean is the preferred oilseed after groundnuts of which India is the largest producer. Around 3-5 million tons of soya beans are produced in India annually. Soya Bean production requires right weather and temperatures.

Our range of product

  • Soya Bean Meal with 46% Protein (SUN AG SBM 46)
  • Soya Bean Meal Hi- Pro with 48% Protein (SUN AG SBM 48)
  • Soya Bean Meal- Grit Toasted

Our Soya Bean Meal Introduction

  • “SUN AG SBM” is a free flowing coarse granular material, is produced from cleaned soya bean seeds after series of preparatory physical processes.
  • “SUN AG SBM” is manufactured from NON-GMO soybean seeds, under highly sophisticated multistage hygienically controlled plant.
  • “SUN AG SBM” is high protein material having high quality proteins but are free from cholesterol.
  • “SUN AG SBM” contains enough of all the amino acids to meet the biological requirement of metabolism.
  • “SUN AG SBM” has highest digestibility, due to high quality of proteins.
  • “SUN AG SBM” is an abundant, economical protein source with minerals.

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