Guar Gum Powder

Fast Hydration Grade


We are a leading name, which is engaged in delivering a superior range of Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder. Guar Gum Powder offer by us is used in Oil Well Facturing& Drilling industry in major Crude Oil Exploring Countries.


Fast Hydration Slurriable Guar Gum Powder

“SUN AGRI EXPORT CO.” has developed wide range of Fast Hydration Grade Guar Gum Powder under the brand name “SUN AG FH”. Our fast hydration guar gum powder is also know as quick hydration guar gum powder, rapid hydration guar gum powder, It is also known as diesel slurry guar gum.

Our Guar Gum Powder is used in Oil Drilling Industries, Gas Exploration Industries & and also used by other field exploration industries.

Regular Guar Gum Powder gives viscosity after 2 hrs and our fast hydration guar gum powder gives viscosity within few minutes.

The natural fast hydrating and slurriable guar is a non ionic guar, polymeric viscosifier that is slurrible up to 50 percent of solids in systems such as diesel fuel. In aqueous systems, its main use is in the stimulation of oil and gas wells as a fracturing fluid. This yields excellent pump ability, good hydration, good thermal stability and excellent shell life.

It can be typically crossed linked with borates and once cross-linked it exhibits excellent carrying capacity to support sand or other prop pants to be placed in the created fracture. The viscosity of hydrating slurriable guar can be reduced or broken by using enzymes, oxidizers or acids such as HCL.

Application of our Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder

Industrial Grade/ Fast Hydration Grade Guar gum powder are use in oil well fracturing, oil well stimulation, mud drilling and industrial applications and preparations as a stabilizer, thickener and suspending agent.

It is a natural, fast hydrating dispersible guar gum and is diesel slurriable.

In the oil field industry, guar gum is used as a surfactant, synthetic polymer and deformer ideally suited for all rheological requirements of water-based and brine-based drilling fluids.

High viscosity Guar Gum products are used as drilling aids in oil well drilling, geological drilling and water drilling.

These products are used as viscosifiers to maintain drilling mud viscosities that enable drilling fluids to remove drill waste from deep holes.

Guar gum products also reduce friction in the holes, and so minimizing power requirements. Some Guar Gum products act to minimize water loss should occur in broken geological formations.

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